Our dogs

In the past years we have succesfully trained several dogs to be a professional detection dog. These dogs are currently being deployed both nationally (in The Netherlands) and internationally. Below you can find a selection of these dogs.

Are you interested to buy a puppy or working dog yourself or would you like to have your dog trained by us? Please fill in our contact form or send us an email at info@puppy-academy.nl. We will then contact you by phone or email to discuss the possibilities.

Gimli, Stud dog
Dana (deployed on Schiphol)
Maggy (available)
Gig & Aleka
Gig & Aleka (deployed in Norway)
Basta (deployed in Dubai)
Donja (sold)
Oslo & Kaya (deployed in Norway)

Are you looking for a working dog or do you want to have your puppy trained?
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