The Kynero-method of training

Training healthy, social and driven working dogs is our passion. A dog trained according to the Kynero-method is always instantly deployable and has a stable, broad basis.

During the training of our dogs we do much more than just imprinting a scent. We spend at least as much time and attention to the socialisation (especially on unfamiliar territory), creating excellent stamina, and maintaining a physical and mental balance.

While training a dog, we use scientifically proven methods, like SWDI. This ensures that we can train a dog that can work precise and independent and can detect both large and small amounts of scent. We give a lot of attention to train the dogs to have a clear and persistent indication.

Selection from the nest

All our pups have been tested in the nest to make sure that we select the best dogs, suited for the job.

Positive training

We believe that training a dog in a positive way gives the best results. This is why we train exclusively in a positive way with our dogs.

Certified trainer

As a trainer I have had extensive education within the detection. Yearly I participate in several seminars and workshops to ensure that your dog will be trained according to the most up-to-date methods.

Broad socialisation

It is our vision that a working dog should always be social and stable. This is why we spend a lot of time socialising the dogs, which includes taking them to unfamiliar territory to get used to new sounds, objects and situations.

Balance en coordination

We make sure that the dog is trained on several objects and multiple surfaces, to make sure that the dog can be deployed in all different locations.

Strong stamina

In our training we make sure to give the dogs as much experience with detection, to ensure that the dogs are used to search for longer consecutive stretches. We also pay attention to a good physical condition, by taking the dogs for swims, bike rides and having them spend some time on the treadmill.

Trained dogs

Below you will find a selection of dogs that have been trained by us and are currently being deployed all over the world. We are proud to help our customers train their beautiful dogs for several years now.

Gimli, Stud dog
Dana (deployed on Schiphol)
Maggy (available)
Gig & Aleka
Gig & Aleka (deployed in Norway)
Basta (deployed in Dubai)
Donja (sold)
Oslo & Kaya (deployed in Norway)

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