About us

Kynero Puppy Academy is a part of the Dutch organisation Speurhondencentrum Kynero (which roughly translates as Search Dogs Centre Kynero). We love to work with everything that has to do with tracking, detection and dog socialisation. Since our founding it has been our pleasure to help several hundreds of different handlers and we are proud to have been able to train a vast amount of dogs to be deployed worldwide. On this page you will find more information about the team of Kynero.

Danitsja Klok

Founder and Owner. Crazy about dogs. Provides workshops and individual classes. Turns puppies into detectiondogs. Mother of Bram and Stijn.

Jaap Klok

ICT & Finance. Entrepreneur in heart and soul. Huge lover of dogs and during the evening hours very active for Kynero Puppy Academy.

Esmee Heijboer

Intern. Handler of Herbie. Crazy about German Shepherds. In-house photographer of Kynero. Visiting the school for Animal Care.

More information on Danitsja Klok


From childhood on Danitsja has a passion for dogs, especially the shepherd and the cocker spaniel. Several years ago she has started to focus solely on training dogs and their handlers through her own dog school called Speurhondencentrum Kynero. Besides guiding handlers and providing workshops, she also trains pups to be deployed professionally as a tracking or detection dog.

To guarantee the quality of her lessons, Danitsja can fall back on her extensive didactic education and working experience as a junior-teacher at Erasmus University Rotterdam. This experience ensures that she can adjust her lessons where necessary so that she can train everybody on his or her own level.

This didactic skill needs to go hand in hand with extensive content knowledge. In order to keep up to date with the latest trainings methods, Danitsja spends a lot of time each year on further education by following courses, workshops and lectures. This way she can make sure that the dogs that are trained by her always possess the latest techniques.

In addition to her work, Danitsja is also on a personal level more than ten years succesfully active in dog sports. She started in 2005 with agility, whereafter she continued with IGP and fell in love with tracking. Next to this, she also trains her own dogs in detection.

Education & workshops

  • Three day Seminar SDWI Detection Advanced Jens Franken
  • Stress and arousal webinar Scandinavian Working Dog Institute
  • Search development: motivation, intensity and stamina webinar Scandinavian Working Dog Institute
  • Play as reward webinar Scandinavian Working Dog Institute
  • Founding of Nosebedience
  • Founding of Level System Kynero
  • Instructor detection workshops P.I. Tilburg
  • Instructor buried hides Workshops
  • Instructor Stadium searches
  • Instructorseducation Detection module 2 (Scent Imprint For Dogs)
  • Instructorseducation Tracking & Trailing module 1 (Scent Imprint For Dogs)
  • Three day Seminar SDWI Detection (Jens Franken)
  • Lecture "Stress signals of dogs"
  • Five day Police Dogs Training
  • Organiser Detection Weekend Arnhem including workhops in an abandoned prison and old factory
  • Instructor Workshop mail search
  • Instructor Workshop Nature Detection 2019
  • Demonstration "Honden aan Zee" at Scheveningen
  • Instructor Feyenoord Stadium Workshop
  • Instructeor Workshop Ancient Ruins search
  • Seminar General Basis Training (Tinley)
  • Seminar Instructor Nosework basis 1 (Tinley)
  • Demonstration "Honden aan Zee" at Scheveningen
  • Demonstraton Dog Playground Vlaardingen
  • Instructorseducation Detection module 1 (Scent Imprint For Dogs)
  • Lecture: socialisaton & training of puppies (Marcel Nijland)
  • Private training in tracking (Cor Oldenburgh)
  • Seminar rescuedogs and tracking dogs in abandoned monastery
  • Workshop Resuedogs rubble search basis 1
  • Skills Workshop: Clickering chickens
  • Private training in tracking (Cor Oldenburgh)
  • Private training in Obedecience (in English)
  • Instructor Tracking
  • Education Basismasseur dogs (KYNOMASSAGE)
  • Private training in Obedecience (in English)
  • Lecture: anxiety in dogs
  • Seminar: From puppy to working dog (Dick Staal)
  • Workshop: Waterwork with dogs
  • First aid for animals
  • Master of Science (MSc) in Criminology (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
  • Lecture: Dominance, it is time for change (Monique Bladder)
  • Bachelor of Science (MSc) in Criminology (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
  • Seminar weekend obedience masterclass
  • Module 3: Learning in dogs (Dogvision)
  • Training junior-teacher criminology (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
  • Propedeuse Dutch Law (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
  • Module 1: Ethology of the dog (Dogvision)

Relevant Working Experience

  • Multiple years of experience in providing workshops, group lessons and individual lessons specifically focused on tracking and detection through Kynero Speurhondencentrum.
  • Extensive experience in training international detection dogs in narcotics and explosives.
  • Author of the Dutch book "Hondenkunstjes" (Dog Tricks), which can be ordered here that explains how you can teach several tricks to your dog.
  • Three years experience of teaching at a university level as junior-teacher Criminology at Erasmus University Rotterdam.
  • Four years experience as a professional wedding and animal photographer, specialised in dog photography.

Interested in a workshop or seminar?
Danitsja is available to give a seminar or workshop of one or several days, both in Dutch or English. We have several standard programs available, but of course we can tailor a program to your specific wishes.